Corporate Social Responsibility

To provide customers with the best possible service relevant to their lifestyle and special needs, we adapt our processes and make use of the latest systems and methods. Through regular, specialized market surveys, we listen to our customers and identify their needs and expectations, our main objective being to constantly enhance the quality and personalised nature of the service we provide. Furthermore, we commit ourselves by contract to quality in the provision of services and to after-sales support.

Should any customer feel that the quality of service and/or the assistance that we have provided is unsatisfactory their comments are of great value to us, enabling us to improve our activities. We wish to raise the level of our customers’ satisfaction and confidence in us and, for this reason, we encourage them not to hesitate to submit any complaint they may have promising to respond with the best solution as quickly as possible, according to each individual case.

Cyta UK aims to actively contribute to the social life of the Cypriot community in the U.K. and to become the bridge of communication between Greek-speaking expatriates and their home country. We therefore provide high quality customised telecommunications services and sponsor cultural events, sport clubs, schools, health & welfare institutions, and other associations involving the Greek and Cypriot communities in the U.K.

We commit to continue to grow and give the highest possible value to everybody who put their trust in us, our customers, our associates, our staff and especially the Cypriot community as a whole. For us Corporate Social Responsibility is not just an additional activity but an inextricable part of our operations. We recognize our responsibilities, and for that we proceed in designing and materializing a Corporate Social Responsibility plan that includes activities that prove our responsible operations.