Our History

Cyta UK Ltd was registered in the United Kingdom on 15 February 2000 and is 100% owned by Digimed Communications Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cyta. Cyta is the brand name of Cyprus Telecommunications Authority, the state-owned prime telecommunications provider in Cyprus. Cyta’s product portfolio covers the whole spectrum of electronic communications ranging from fixed and mobile telephony to internet service provision and broadband applications. Cyta is particularly active in the area of international submarine fibre optic cables, establishing Cyprus as a regional telecommunication hub in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Cyta UK Ltd is governed by a Board of Directors comprising Cyta executives of the holding company. The company has its own telecommunications node based on the IP/MPLS protocol, co-located at the premises of Telecity Redbus Ltd in London. The node is part of Cyta’s CytaWorld.Net international network, managed by Cytaglobal, Cyta’s International Wholesale Market Division. The node is linked via a Cyta-owned submarine optical ring to similar telecommunications nodes in Nicosia and Athens, owned by Cyta and Cytaglobal Hellas respectively.

Between November 2005 and October 2019, the company was active in the Fixed Telephony services sector in the UK retail market with Carrier Preselection and the competitive  Cytatalk and Cytabusiness packages, which it developed mainly for residential and business customers in the Greek-speaking community. The company was also active in the provision of broadband Internet services and Greek-language television content, while offering significant additional facilities such as leased telephone lines, simulated PBX and resale of mobile telephony services.

From November 2019 Hellenic Television Ltd and CytelUK Telecom Ltd acquired the retail business of Cyta UK and undertook the management and support of Cyta UK’s customer base, covering the full range of services, including fixed and mobile telephony, Broadband Internet and cable television.

Today, Cyta UK is fully focused on managing Cyta’s International Telecommunications Hub in London and in the provision of international virtual leased connections to providers and corporate customers in the UK and elsewhere while it also offers, on a resale/leasing basis, occasional colocation services, local loops and other local connections within the UK via its associates and other subcontractors. Also, in collaboration with Cyta, the company is in a position to offer interconnection, voice, signalling and Internet on a wholesale basis.