By becoming a Cyta .talk customer, you have pre-selected Cyta UK to route all your calls (national & international). You do not need to dial any access code prior to dialling the phone number. Routing is done automatically through Cyta UK’s and other associated partners’ global network.

It takes approximately 14 working days from the time that we receive your application for connection to our service. Prior to connecting, BT will send you a letter to confirm the date on which this will happen. From this date all your calls will be routed though Cyta UK’s network.

If you currently have a BT line you can use the service. The only customers who cannot use are Cable customers and BT customers that request maintaining special options offered by BT,such as the Light User Scheme and the facility to bar outgoing calls.

To become a customer you have to continue to use a BT line, you’re your calls are routed through Cyta UK global network. There are no changes to how you currently use the phone and your existing services such as calls to 1471, 1571, call waiting, etc will continue to work as normal. The responsibility on the quality of the line still lies on BT. accountcallsare charged per second. You can view the latest post paid rates here or call free the Customer Help Line on 0800 036 0078 and speak to a customer services representative.

We accept payment by Direct Debit from your bank account or automatic payment from your Credit Card.

Yes. will bill you monthly for all your calls and BT will continue to bill you quarterly for your line rental. The only difference you will see is great savings on your calls each month.

No. If at any time, you decide to stop being a subscriber to this service, you can do so and no penalty is charged. In addition, there is no minimum commitment time. If you change your mind prior to becoming a subscriber of the service, you can cancel your subscription request up until 4 days prior to the connection date (as per BT confirmation letter). However, if your service has been connected please ensure that you leave 15 days for BT to action your cancellation request.

You will receive your bill by postal mail during the last week of each month. The bill cycle is from the first to the last day of each month and includes calls made within this period.

Simply call the Cyta UK Customer Help Line on 0800 036 0078.

All claims for un-connected call credits must be made within 30 days after the receipt of the invoice. By calling the Cyta UK Customer Help Line on 0800 036 0078

New versions of Terms and Conditions can be viewed here or you can request a copy from customer services by calling free phone 0800 036 0078.

Call us at 0800 036 0078 or  CONTACT US