Connection can take as little as 7 days, but in some cases it might take longer depending on the availability of an engineer in your telephone exchange area at the time the order is placed. Until the order is placed and BT Openreach have given us a provisional delivery date we are unable to give you any advance indication

We hope so – we’d love to have you as our customer! You can check online here or give us a call on 0800 036 0078. When you use the availability checker online, we are looking to see if Cyta UK can provide service at your local exchange. We also check for certain line characteristics that indicate whether an order can be placed. If your phone line is currently supplied using cable, ISDN, fibre, telephone switch, TPON, or BT’s FeatureNet product, then we have to order for you a new BT Openreach analogue phone line in order to be able to enjoy Cyta UK broadband services. Give as call on 0800 036 0078 and we will take care of all details.

First, get in touch with your existing broadband Service Provider – their customer service department should be able to help – and ask them for your ‘Migration Reference Code’, otherwise also known as a MAC key. If you need assistance with this just give us a call on 0800 036 0078. Once we have your MAC key and start the process of moving you to Cyta UK, it takes around two weeks for service to be provided. It’s a good idea to check your current contract – some Service Providers charge customers for moving to another provider before the end of a particular length of time.

Sure is! Our service is fully unlimited: you can download and upload 24/7, as much as you like and we do no impose any service shaping or throttling. Our policy will only affect you if you are downloading illegal material, spamming, or abusing the service to the point that it is affecting other customers.

No, unfortunately we can’t make any guarantees with regards to speed. Before you get connected, we can provide you with an approximate speed, based on your distance from your local telephone exchange. The actual speeds depend on the line length, the quality of the cable (copper or aluminium), and the state of the extensions in your premises (remember you must use ADSL filters on all telephone extensions).

Yes – this is sent to you free of charge and it’s a Thompson TG585 v7. This integrated modem/router supports ADSL, ADSL2, and ADSL2+. It lets you share files, printers, and a single broadband ADSL internet connection, it has a built-in firewall, 4 port switch, router and supports simultaneous operation of 802.11b and 802.11g speed wireless access. It is capable of supporting up to 24 Mbps download and up to 2.5 Mbps upload. It also supports powerful security mechanisms such as Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPATM), Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEPTM) encryption, and a physical user registration button.

- The router manual is available here for download

- The modem/router is leased to you for the duration of the contract, and you will need to return it if you decide to leave us.

The top of your modem has five LED status lights. If your modem is fully connected, the power outlet works, and the modem is switched on, and you’re still not getting any status lights on, then it sounds like you’ve got yourself a faulty modem. Best to give us a ring on 0800 036 0078.

In the case of Home Broadband package dynamic IP is provided as standard. In the case of Office Broadband package dynamic IP is provided as standard but if you wish, a single static IP may be provided at additional charge. In the case of Office Broadband Professional package a single static IP is provide free of charge and it is possible to request more than one static IP, however there is an additional charge for multiple static IPs.

If your package is provided with dynamic IP then port 25 (SMTP) is blocked outgoing. Please either use Mail Relay: or use a different port (if your email provider supports it). This is to prevent dynamic IP customers running their own SMTP servers and to protect our dynamic IP pool from appearing on spam blacklists.

The broadband status light on top of the modem should be solid green, this indicating that your ADSL line is synchronised. The internet status light should be solid green or blinking green to indicate connection to the internet. If the internet status light is solid red it means that the internet connection setup has failed and you should check the router settings particularly if you are provided with a static IP address.

Point your Browser to the Web address to display the modem/router internal Home Page. In the menu on the left, click “Thomson Gateway”. Below the information on the section “Thomson Gateway”, is another section “Pick a task…”. Click on the link “Set Up”, to launch the “Welcome to the Thomson Gateway Easy Setup” wizard in a pop-up menu. Click “Next” to go to the “Service Selection” page. Choose “Broadband – Static IP” if you have been provided with a static IP address.

(1) Enter the following:

- Your Static IP address (as notified by Cyta UK)
- Subnet mask
- Gateway IP address (as notified by Cyta UK)

(2) Click Next to go to the “DNS Settings” screen.

(3) Enter DNS Primary and Secondary IP addresses as follows:

- Primary DNS
- Secondary DNS

(4) Click Next to go to the “Start configuration?” screen, where you can review your settings. Click the “Back” button to amend any settings, or press the “Start” button to configure your modem/router. After a couple of minutes, a screen will appear confirming set-up; click the “Finish” button to close the configuration window. You are now ready to surf the internet.

(5) Once your internet connection is working, it is recommended that you save your modem/router set-up as follows:

- Display the Thomson modem’s internal Home Page (
- From the menu on the left, click the “Thomson Gateway” menu item, and then “Configuration”
- From the “Pick a task…” section at the bottom of the screen, click “Save or Restore Configuration” to go the “Backup & Restore” screen.
- Click the “Backup Configuration Now” button, and save the configuration to your hard disk.

Should you ever need to, the “Restore Configuration Now” button will let you reload a previously saved configuration.

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