This document sets out the Terms and Conditions of Home Video Services provided by Cyta UK Ltd (herein after referred to as Cyta UK). The following definitions shall apply:

a) Hellenic TV is a provider of a Television Platform consisting of a number of television channels.
b) The Subscriber is subscriber to Cyta UK Home Video Services.
c) Hellenic TV has a separate arrangement with Cyta UK utilizing Cyta UK’s services to transmit the channels to the Subscribers.

1. The Subscriber, in consideration of monthly rate payable to Hellenic TV through Cyta UK, shall receive, via Cyta UK systems, the standard package Hellenic TV channels plus additional premium channels as may be offered by Cyta UK, from time to time.

2. Cyta UK will be responsible for billing and collecting the subscriptions.  The rate per month may be varied from time to time, taking into consideration the number of new channels or the number of channels that cease broadcasting.

3. The subscription and connection charges are payable on the date referred to in the bill. If the Subscriber fails to settle a bill, within the required time period, Hellenic TV shall be entitled to terminate the provision of the channels.

4. Hellenic TV shall publish on a weekly basis in the local press the detailed programming schedule of its local community channels.  It also undertakes to publish such programming schedule on its website and provide summaries of the main programmes such as films.

5. The Subscriber shall report to Hellenic TV through Cyta UK any fault in the provision of the channels.

6. The channels shall be transmitted by Cyta UK to the Subscriber as delivered by Hellenic TV.

7. It is agreed that Cyta UK shall have no liability to the Subscriber for any disruption, deterioration or discontinuance of or interruption or failure in or other interference with the provision of the channels or either of them or with the reception thereof.  For any such event Hellenic TV shall be solely responsible.

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